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Gifts and Trinkets

A selection of fine items that dont fit into any of our other departments.

When Robert the Robot came to us, he was in a sorry state; not only had he broke a leg but his means to raise funds was just not working as it should. We agreed to give him a service and now he's almost as good as new, well for a 72 year old anyway! Like all of us at his age, he has a few knocks and chips to the bodywork but he's back to his sprightly self ready to resume his quest of raising funds to get his leg reattached. If you want to help Robert, simply place a coin on his hand and pres..
Ex Tax:£295.00
Here's a little something different.Take a 100-year-old French shoe last, give it a little clean, a spindle and base then coat it all in clear varnish to make water-tight.Your left with a handy, funky toilet rolls or kitchen towel holder.I've plenty of stock to make more if it proves to be popular.Perfect either in the kitchen or bathroom and each is uniqueBeing made from vintage parts, size and look will vary but approximate size: H34cm x L24cm...
Ex Tax:£35.95
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