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Vintage Bakelite Light Switch Repair and Restoration Service

Vintage Bakelite Light Switch Repair and Restoration Service
Vintage Bakelite Light Switch Repair and Restoration Service
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  • Model: SW-REST-01-SRV
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  You can join the hundreds of satisfied customers who have taken up this service,
  almost every customer went on to purchase additional switches and oak mounts from us.

We guarantee the quality and stake our name and reputation on the finished product. Every switch represents hours of work and testing resulting in a product that is fit for purpose and converted to be fully compliant to current wiring regulations.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase the quantity you want refurbished
      i.e. buy six and send in six for refurbishment
  2. Send in your switches to the address provided in your receipt
  3. Sit back and relax whilst we do all the work.
  In around one week your switches will be refurbished and returned to you


  Not all switches can be restored; so when we encounter these,
  we simply return them to you including your refunded costs
  We make no charge for the attempted restoration, time or parts used.
  Your only outlay is the prepaid return postage

  We can restore almost all types of switches but if your unsure
  please email some photographs with your questions for prompt help.

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